3-Way Isolated SCM5B Series

Each Dataforth 5B module provides a single channel of isolated analog input or output.

Input modules can be connected to all types of external sensors and filter, isolate, amplify, and convert input signals to high-voltage analog outputs.

Output modules accept high voltage analog signals from a host system and buffer, isolate and amplify them before outputting the process current or voltage to field devices.

More than 250 different 5B modules are available, covering a wide range of isolated analog input and output functions. Analog inputs include voltage and current in narrow and wide bandwidths, thermocouple, RTD, accelerometer, potentiometer, strain gauge, frequency and 2-wire transmitter.

All 5B modules are CSA C/US certified and CE and ATEX compliant.

Accessories include a complete selection of backpanels, DIN rail mounting options, interface cables, mounting racks, power supplies and other accessories.