DSCP55 Pt100, Ni100/Loop-Powered Converter

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  • Input:
    • Pt100 (–200°C to + 650°C)
    • Ni100 (–60°C to + 250°C)
  • Output: Current (4 to 20 or 20 to 4mA)
  • Spring Cage Clamp Connection
  • 16-Bit Resolution
  • Better than ±0.1% Accuracy
  • Configuration by Dip-Switch
  • Compact 6.2mm DIN Housing
  • CE Compliant

Delivery time: 16 - 17 Workdays

Each DSCP55 RTD Loop-Powered Converter provides a single channel of RTD input which is amplified, linearized and converted to a highlevel 4 to 20mA or 20 to 4mA output. Inputs may be connected by 2, 3, or 4 wires and measurement range may be configured by dip-switch.

The DSCP product series is a complete family of loop and universal AC/DC powered isolator and transmitter models in component, DIN rail, panel, and head-mount packages. The product range includes loop-powered isolators, wide-range AC/DC powered isolators and transmitters, fixed-gain models and hardware and dip-switch configurable models. Depending on the model, they accept a wide range of voltage, current, thermocouple, and RTD input signals, then filter, isolate, amplify, linearize, and convert them to high-level analog outputs for use in data acquisition, test and measurement, and control system applications. They protect measurement and control signals and connected equipment from noise, transient power surges, internal ground loops, and other hazards present in industrial environments.