Data Acquisition

MAQ20 Modular Data Acquisition System

MAQ®20, the industrial data acquisition and control system provides fast, flexible, reliable and intelligent data acquisition and control for rugged, industrial applications.

This high-performance, highly flexible system offers the industry's lowest cost per channel, integrated PID control, and system accuracy of ±0.035% (module dependent). It is ideal for test and measurement, factory and process automation, machine automation, military, aerospace, power and energy, environmental monitoring, and oil and gas applications.

The MAQ20 family consists of DIN-rail mounted, programmable, multi-channel, industrial rugged signal conditioning input and output modules and communication modules. Each I/O module features a 1500Vrms isolation barrier between field-side and system-side wiring, and many models offer channel-by-channel isolation. All field wiring connections are strongly protected against overload, accidental connection of incorrect signals, and ESD. Modules are mounted on industry-standard 35x7.5 mm DIN rail with hinged doors. A backbone is mounted inside the rail and provides power and communication connections between the communication modules and each I/O module.

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