Energy Monitoring

The PWRM Energy Monitoring Modules measure input voltages from 85-265VAC or 85-525VAC, 50/60Hz. Higher voltages can be measured with voltage transformers.
The modules are self-powered and derive the required power supply from one of the measured phases, A, B or C. PWRM devices are easy and quick to program and can be quickly installed in any industrial environment.

The PWRM modules are universal, high-precision, compact, self-powered IoT energy meters that connect to three-phase and single-phase systems. Their compact and rugged housings enable use in harsh environments and provide highly accurate measurements over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Users can retrieve a wide range of power and energy data, including but not limited to fundamental grid parameters such as active and reactive power, apparent power, voltage and current rms values, and harmonic information. The module's real-time data is accessed via an Ethernet TCP/IP port using the HTTP API and a standard web browser on a host computer, smartphone or tablet.

The PWRM modules can be DIN rail mounted to save valuable space in control cabinets and other space-constrained applications.