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DIN Rail Signal-powered RS-232 Line Driver

The DCP35 series of products is designed to allow RS-232 devices to be inter-connected over distances sufficient to cover any industrial or institutional complex of buildings. These line drivers feature a DIN rail mountable enclosure for application to a junction box, a panel, a relay rack, the sides of computer equipment, or anywhere a DIN rail can be mounted.

The DCP35 series does not require a power supply for operation. The use of low power circuits and a sensitive optically isolated receiver allows the devices to derive all necessary power from the RS-232 data and control signals. They are designed for full-duplex, asynchronous operation over two, DC-continuous, non-loaded, twisted-wire pairs. Two-wire simplex operation may be accom-plished over one twisted- wire pair. The line driver circuits — and, consequently, the host device — are protected from electrical transients due to lightning strikes or operation of heavy industrial equipment.

Each device features a convenient DCE (Data Communication Equipment) to DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) switch which reverses pins 2 and 3 of the RS-232 connector. For installation and system troubleshooting each unit has diagnostic Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) on the transmit and receive lines.

The RS-232 connector may be ordered as a male or female 9-pin connector. Field connection is made through pluggable solderless screw terminals.

Circuit diagram Dataforth DCP35

Block Diagram DCP35

PDF Downloads:

  • Produkt Overview DCP/LDM
  • Product Overview DCP/LDM

  • 2 Modules for Type DCP35:

    DCP35-P RS-232 Interface, 9-pol. Connector DCP35 DIN Rail Signal-powered RS-232 Line Driver
    DCP35-S RS-232 Interface, 9-pol. Connector DCP35 DIN Rail Signal-powered RS-232 Line Driver


    • Baud Rates up to 19.200 Baud
    • Max. Distance 11.3 km at 300 Baud
    • Asynchronous 4-wire Full-Duplex, 2-wire Simplex
    • Isolation 300 Vrms
    • Optical Isolation
    • Input Protection
    • LED`s for Installation, Startup and error diagnostics
    • RTS, ,CTS, DTR, DTS and RLSD-Controll-lines
    • TD and RD Channel-lines
    • Null Modem Switch
    • connecting terminal
    • signal powered
    • Operating Temperature Range 0°C … +70°C
    • Dimensions 107 x 84 x 22.5 mm
    • CE Compliant