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DC Voltage / Current Converter

DSCP63 image

Each DSCP63 Voltage/Current Converter provides a single channel of voltage or current input which is converted to a voltage or current output. It is designed for industrial standard voltage or current signals. Input/output range, filter, fault indication, square root function and other functions may be configured by dip-switch. Power can be applied directly to the converter’s terminals or through a DIN rail mounted bus connector accessory, eliminating the need to wire power to each individual converter.

Circuit diagram Dataforth DSCP63

Block Diagram DSCP63

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1 Module for Type DSCP63:

DSCP63 Voltage / Current DSCP63 DC Voltage / Current Converter, DIN Mount with Current- or Voltage-Input and Current- or Voltage-Output


  • Input: mA-, mV or V-Signal
  • Output: mA-, mV or V-Signal
  • Isolation 1500 Vrms
  • True 3-way isolation
  • 19.2 to 30 VDC Power
  • Spring Cage Clamp Connection
  • expandable power supply connector DSCX-02 is necessary
  • 14-Bit Resolution
  • Better than ± 0.1% Accuracy
  • Configuration by Dip-Switch
  • Compact 6.2 mm DIN Housing
  • Operating Temperature Range -20°C … +65°C
  • Dimensions 93.1 x 6.2 x 102.5 mm
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • CE Compliant