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Order-Info - SCM9B-4000

Computer Interface to Analog output

Ordering Info

SCM9B-4121 RS-232C Std
SCM9B-4122 RS-485 Std
SCM9B-4131 RS-232C Std
SCM9B-4132 RS-485 Std
SCM9B-4141 RS-232C Std
SCM9B-4142 RS-485 Std
SCM9B-4161 RS-232C Std
SCM9B-4162 RS-485 Std
SCM9B-4171 RS-232C Std
SCM9B-4172 RS-485 Std
SCM9B-4181 RS-232C Std
SCM9B-4182 RS-485 Std
SCM9B-4251 RS-232C Std
SCM9B-4252 RS-485 Std
SCM9B-4261 RS-232C Std
SCM9B-4262 RS-485 Std

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