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Order-Info - DSCT47

Thermocouple Transmitter, linearized, Bandwidth 3 Hz

Ordering Info

DSCT47B-11 Type B Std
DSCT47E-08 Type E Std
DSCT47J-01 Type J Std
DSCT47J-02 Type J Std
DSCT47J-03 Type J Std
DSCT47K-04 Type K Std
DSCT47K-05 Type K Std
DSCT47K-13 Type K Std
DSCT47K-14 Type K Std
DSCT47N-15 Type N Std
DSCT47R-09 Type R Std
DSCT47S-10 Type S Std
DSCT47T-06 Type T Std
DSCT47T-07 Type T Std

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