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MAQ20 IPEmotion Software

PID Loop Control in IPEmotion Software for MAQ®20

PID loop control is extensive and highly functional in the IPEmotion software. An unlimited number of loops can be run; the only limiting factor is the processing power of the PC.

A maximum calculation cycle time update rate of 1kHz allows the software to control processes with fast reacting elements.

Typical PID Applications
- Steam, water, and chemical flow control
- Tank level control
- Heat-exchanger / reactor temperature control
- Pressure control

Model Description
MAQ20-951 IPEmotion Software for MAQ20 (1 COM module and 1 to 4 I/O modules)
MAQ20-952 IPEmotion Software for MAQ20 (Each additional 4 I/O modules)

PDF Downloads:


  • Control Module Includes PID, State Machine, Function Generator, Math Functions
  • Unlimited PID Control Loops Possible
  • PID Controller Runs in Windows
  • Start, Stop, Hold Trigger for All Control Functions
  • Designed for Test Sequencing and Test Bench Control Operations
  • 1 kHz Maximum Calculation Cycle Time Update Rate
  • Easily Configured Test Sequences using VBS or Phyton Scripts
  • Configure with Point and Click Functions on IPEmotion GUI
  • Software Usable as Virtual PLC