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Accessories for SCM7B-Series

SCM7B-XXX image

Various accessories as described below right specifications for SCM7B series. For more detail see after clicking on the button "Order Info" under "Accessories for SCM7B series".

PDF Downloads:

15 Modules for Type SCM7B-XXX:

SCM7BXIF-DIN Analog Module Evaluation Board
SCM7BXRK-002 19" Metal Mounting Rack
SCM7BXR1 250 Ohm Shunt
SCM7BXEV 1 channel evaluation backpanel
SCM7BXCA02 3' system interface cable (DB25F to DB25F)
SCM7BXCA01 6" system adapter cable (DB25F to 26M)
SCM7B-PROTO Breadboard kit
SCM7BPT Non-isolated signal pass thru module
SCM7BXBE Base element without snap foot
SCM7BXBEFE Base element with snap foot
SCM7BXCA006-XX Interfacecable
SCM7BXIF Interface Board
SCM7BXSE side element
SCM7BXVS Connection Pin


  • 19" Metal Mounting Rack for Backpanels
  • Different cables
  • Interface Board
  • Shunt
  • Pass Thrue Module
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Universal Interface Board
  • Power supply