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Sensor-to-Computer Modules

The SCM9B-2000 Sensor-to-Computer Modules are a family of complete solutions designed for data acquisition systems based on personal computers and other processor-based equipment with standard serial I/O ports. The modules convert analog input signals to engineering units and transmit in ASCII format to any host with standard RS-485 or RS-232C ports. These modules can measure temperature, pressure, voltage, current and various types of digital signals. The modules provide direct connection to a wide variety of sensors and perform all signal conditioning, scaling, linearization and conver-sion to engineering units. Each module also provides digital I/O lines for controlling devices through solid state relays or TTL signals. These digital I/O lines along with built-in limit setting capability provide alarm and control outputs.

The modules contain no pots or switches to be set. Features such as address, data rate, parity, alarms, echo, etc. are selectable using simple commands over the communications port—without requiring access to the module. The selections are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM which maintains data even after power is removed.

The 2000 series is an enhanced version of the 1000 series of sensor interfaces. The 2000 series allows the user to scale the output data in any desired engineering units. The 2000 also provides the ability to program nonlinear transfer functions. This feature may be used to linearize nonstandard sensors or to provide outputs in engineering units which are nonlinear functions of the input.

Circuit diagram Dataforth SCM9B-2000

Block Diagram SCM9B-2000

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  • 42 Modules for Type SCM9B-2000:

    SCM9B-2642 Accumulator, Timer
    SCM9B-2641 Accumulator, Timer
    SCM9B-2632 Accumulator, Frequency
    SCM9B-2631 Accumulator, Frequency
    SCM9B-2612 Timer
    SCM9B-2611 Timer
    SCM9B-2602 Frequency
    SCM9B-2601 Frequency
    SCM9B-2562 1-6 V Bridge, 10 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2561 1-6 V Bridge, 10 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2552 1-6 V Bridge, 8 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2551 1-6 V Bridge, 8 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2542 ±100 mV Bridge, 10 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2541 ±100 mV Bridge, 10 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2532 ±100 mV Bridge, 5 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2531 ±100 mV Bridge, 5 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2522 ±30 mV Bridge, 10 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2521 ±30 mV Bridge, 10 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2512 ±30 mV Bridge, 5 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2511 ±30 mV Bridge, 5 V Excitation
    SCM9B-2252 4-20 mA
    SCM9B-2251 4-20 mA
    SCM9B-2242 ±1A
    SCM9B-2241 ±1A
    SCM9B-2232 ±100 mA
    SCM9B-2231 ±100 mA
    SCM9B-2222 ±1 mA
    SCM9B-2221 ±1 mA
    SCM9B-2212 ±10 mA
    SCM9B-2211 ±10 mA
    SCM9B-2152 ±100 V
    SCM9B-2151 ±100 V
    SCM9B-2142 ±10 V
    SCM9B-2141 ±10 V
    SCM9B-2132 ±5 V
    SCM9B-2131 ±5 V
    SCM9B-2122 ±1 V
    SCM9B-2121 ±1 V
    SCM9B-2112 ±100 mV
    SCM9B-2111 ±100 mV
    SCM9B-2102 ±10 mV
    SCM9B-2101 ±10 mV


    • RS-485 or RS-232C Interface
    • ASCII Format Command
    • Input isolation voltage 500 Vrms
    • 15-Bit resolution
    • self - calibrated
    • Programmable digital Filter
    • Digital adjustments of alarms and boundary
    • Counter up to 10.000.000
    • Power Supply +10V bis +30VDC
    • Transient suppression on RS485 lines
    • Screw Clamp included
    • CE Compliant