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4-Channel Sensor-to-Computer Modules

The SCM9B-5000 4-Channel Sensor-to-Computer Modules are a family of complete solutions designed for data acquisition systems based on personal computers and other processor-based equipment with standard serial I/O ports. The modules convert four analog input signals to engineering units and transmit in ASCII format to any host with standard RS-485 or RS-232C ports. These modules can measure temperature, voltage, and current. The modules provide direct connection to a wide variety of sensors and perform all signal conditioning, scaling, linearization, and conversion to engineering units.

Each channel of the SCM9B-5000 Series can be independently programmed by the user for zero, span, and filter, to scale linear input signals such as millivolts and milliamps to desired engineering units such as pounds or percent of full scale.

The SCM9B-5000 modules are easy to use. With these modules, anyone familiar with a personal computer can construct a data acquisition system. This modular approach to data acquisition is extremely flexible, easy to use, and cost effective. Data is acquired on a per channel basis so you only buy as many channels as you need. The modules can be mixed and matched to fit the application. They can be placed remote from the host and from each other.

The modules contain no pots or switches to be set. Features such as address, data rate, parity, echo, and scaling are selectable using simple commands over the communications port—without requiring access to the module. The selections are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM which maintains data even after power is removed.

The 5000 series is completely hardware and software-compatible with the 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 series and may be mixed in any combination.

All modules are supplied with removable screw-terminal connectors and captive mounting hardware. The connectors allow system expansion, reconfiguration or repair without disturbing field wiring.

Although software is not required, utility software (S1000) is available on IBM-compatible diskette to make the 5000 easier to learn and use.

Circuit diagram Dataforth SCM9B-5000

Block Diagram SCM9B-5000

PDF Downloads:

  • Backpanels and Accessories

  • 22 Modules for Type SCM9B-5000:

    SCM9B-5111 ±100mV
    SCM9B-5121 ±1V
    SCM9B-5122 ±1V
    SCM9B-5131 ±5V
    SCM9B-5132 ±5V
    SCM9B-5141 ±10V
    SCM9B-5142 ±10 V
    SCM9B-5151 ±100V
    SCM9B-5251 4-20 mA
    SCM9B-5252 4-20 mA
    SCM9B-5311 Thermocouple Type J
    SCM9B-5312 Thermocouple Type J
    SCM9B-5321 Thermocouple Type K
    SCM9B-5322 Thermocouple Type K
    SCM9B-5331 Thermocouple Type T
    SCM9B-5332 Thermocouple Type T
    SCM9B-5341 Thermocouple Type E
    SCM9B-5342 Thermocouple Type E
    SCM9B-5451 2252 Ohm Thermistor
    SCM9B-5452 2252 Ohm Thermistor
    SCM9B-5112 ±100 mV
    SCM9B-5152 ±100 V


    • 4 analog Input channels
    • Signal RS-485 or RS-232 connection
    • ASCII Format Commando
    • Input isolation 500 Vrms
    • 12-Bit resolution
    • Calibrated
    • Programmable Digitale Filter
    • Power Supply +10V to +30VDC
    • Screw Clamp included
    • Mix and Match on the backplane
    • CE Compliant