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Accessories for SCM9B-Series

Various accessories as described below and under the right specifications for SCM9B series. For more detail see after clicking on the button "Order Info" under "Accessories for SCM9B series".

SCM9B-S1200  /  /  /-  /  /  /Scansoft Data Logging Software

SCM9B-S1200 Scansoft Data Logging Software is a menu-driven program that acquires data from 1000 and 2000 series modules. The program uses menus to configure up to 64 analog inputs and 24 digital inputs. The acquired data is displayed as text or graphically using bar or trend graphs. The software is provided at no charge on request with a purchase order and is not copy protected.

Menus are used to set up the modules for a data acquisition run allowing configuration of start-up, data rates, display, and data logging. Each channel has a set up screen status that allows you to specify your data acquisition hardware, and software options.

Data Acquisition Software

Dataforth offers several data acquisition software solutions including: Software packages for customers who do not want to write code; sample programs and sample forms; ActiveX objects and .dll for programmers; utility software for setup.


WinWedge captures serial data, custom tailors it to your needs, then transfers the data to any Windows XP, 2000, or DOS application, either by sending keystrokes to the application’s window or by passing the data through dynamic data exchange (DDE) conversations.

WinWedge makes it very easy to input real-time data directly into Excel, Access, LIMS, MMIs, statistical and math software, VB, and any Windows XP or 2000 application program.

WinWedge also transmits prompts or commands out the serial port to control or query your instruments directly from within other Windows applications or directly from WinWedge.

Consider WinWedge as a fully customizable serial I/O device driver. See

Programming Samples

Sample programs with source code are offered in popular programming languages such as MS-Visual Basic and MS-Visual C++ for customers who want to expand the functionality of their programs. The sample programs are a starting point for modifying an existing program or building a custom application.

These programs contain pre-written routines that perform all of the serial I/O controls to open, close, read, and write commands through a host computer serial port. The programs also include routines to read analog data, read discrete digital input status, and write both analog and digital output values.

Simple program forms are included to exercise these functions. These forms can be easily modified or replaced by a programmer to properly display the data from SCM9B products in a format specific to any application.

ActiveX Controls

A set of ActiveX objects that supports the ASCII protocol commands AO, DI, DO, RD, RE is offered. The ActiveX controls allow easy implementation of ASCII protocol within programming environments such as Visual Basic. The controls perform all the serial I/O, and command and response parsing, and return the data values in the appropriate data format.

Dynamic Link Library

A callable dynamic link library (.dll) that performs all the serial I/O handling and supports many of the ASCII protocol commands is also available. A sample program is included, with source code, to illustrate calling the library.

Utility Software

Utility software makes it easy to set up your SCM9B product on a Windows based computer. The utility software is available free of charge and shipped on a CD-ROM with each order.

SCM9B-PB08/PB14  /  /  /-  /  /  /8- and 14-Channel Backpanels

The SCM9B-PB08 and PB14 are 8- and 14-channel mounting backplanes. The backplanes accept any RS-485 analog input or analog output modules and are designed to be mounted in standard 19 inch racks. RS-485 modules are used because RS-485 is the preferred communications standard for high channel count applications. Although analog modules are used it must be noted that every module has some digital I/O capability. Therefore the combination of modules with the backplanes make a cost effective, high density remote analog and digital data acquisition system.

The backplanes reduce wiring costs by providing all common connections on the backplane. Each backplane includes screw terminals for all inputs, outputs, power connections and communications signals. The backplanes also include swaged thru-hole standoffs for mounting, a hold-down bar, and holes for an RS-485 termination resistor.

SCM9B-H1750/H1770  /  /  /-  /  /  /24- and 64-Channel Digital I/O Boards

The SCM9B-H1750/H1770 digital I/O interface is designed to expand the remote I/O capability of the SCM9B-1700 series of modules. Commands are communicated over RS-232 or RS-485 links from any standard serial I/O port of computers or modems. The command set for the H1700 series boards is identical to the 1700 series modules.

The H1750 is designed to interface directly to either a 16- or 24-channel industry-standard solid-state relay rack (Dataforth part numbers SCMD-PB16 or SCMD-PB24). The H1770 will connect to a maximum of four 16-channel racks (SCMD-PB16). As with the SCM9B modules, up to 124 boards can be multidropped using RS-485 communications and SCM9B-A1000 repeaters.

The I/O channels may be configured to be inputs or outputs in any combination designated by the user. The input/output configuration may be changed at any time through the communications port. The I/O assignments are saved in nonvolatile memory and are automatically loaded when the unit is powered up. All boards are supplied with screw terminal plugs or ribbon connectors and captive mounting hardware.

PDF Downloads:

14 Modules for Type SCM9B-XXX:

MA-1014 Manual SCM9B-D100
MA-1013 Manual SCM9B ModBus Protokoll
MA-1011 Manual SCM9B-5000
MA-1005 Manual SCM9B-A1000/A2000
MA-1004 Manual SCM9B-1700
MA-1003 Manual SCM9B-3000/4000
MA-1002 Manual SCM9B-2000
MA-1001 Manual SCM9B-1000
SCM9B-H1750 24 Digital Inputs/Outputs
SCM9B-H1770 64 Digital Inputs/Outputs
SCM9B-HCA1 Cable for H1770
SCM9B-PB08 8 Channel Backpanel
SCM9B-PB14 14 Channel Backpanel
SCM9B-S300 Software


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