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Backpanels for 8B-Modules

1-Channel Backpanel

The 8BP01 provides simple mounting and I/O connections for any of the 8B signal conditioners. 8BP01-205 and 8BP01-305 models accept 5 V power and provide it to the module. 8BP01-224 and 8BP01-324 models accept wide range 7-34 VDC power and provide 5 V power to the module through an on-board power converter. The 8B carrier can be mounted on any standard DIN rail (EN 50022-35 and EN 50035-G32). The 8BP01 measures only 2.32” x 3.54” x 0.65” (59mm x 90mm x 16.5mm), making it ideal for use in high-density installations. It has a flammability rating of UL94 V-0.

2-, 4-, 8- and 16-Channel Backpanels

The 8BP02, 04, 08, and 16 backpanels can accept any of the 8B analog I/O modules in any mixture and can be mounted on the SCMXRK-002 19-inch metal rack. Analog I/O signal channels provide each module with its own analog bus. All module outputs are simultaneously accessible to high-speed data acquisi-tion (ADC) boards. A temperature sensor is mounted on each channel to provide cold junction compensation for thermocouple input modules. Field connections are terminated with four screw terminals at each module site. Use system interface cable SCMXCA006-XX for connection to the host system.

Power Supply
The 8B backpanels have two power supply options. A +5 VDC ± 5% supply can be connected to the ‘+5 V Supply’ terminal block, or alternatively, a wide ranging 7-34 VDC supply can be connected to the ‘Alternate Supply’ terminal block. In the latter case, the 8BPWR-2 module must be installed on the backpanel. The backpanel contains circuitry which automatically switches between the supplies such that only one at a time provides power to the modules. When power connections are made to both terminal blocks simultaneously, the 7-34 VDC supply takes precedence over the +5 VDC supply.

Backpanel power is fuse-protected through F1 and F2. Zener diodes D3 and D4 provide extra protection from overvoltage and supply reversal.

For full protection against large electrical disturbances on the field-side of the 8B modules, a #10-32 ground stud is provided on the backpanel. An electrical connection between this ground stud and the system ground should be provided with a large gage wire of the shortest possible length.

PDF Downloads:

  • Product Overview SensorLex8B
  • Produkt Catalog SensorLex8B

  • 5 Modules for Type SensorLex8BPB:

    8BP02 2-Channel Backpanel SensorLex8B Backpanels for SensorLex8B-Modules
    8BP04 4-Channel Backpanel SensorLex8B Backpanels for SensorLex8B-Modules
    8BP08 8-Channel Backpanel SensorLex8B Backpanels for SensorLex8B-Modules
    8BP16 16-Channel Backpanel SensorLex8B Backpanels for SensorLex8B-Modules
    8BP01 1-Channel Backpanel SensorLex8B Backpanels for SensorLex8B-Modules


    • 1-, 2-, 8- and 16-Channel Backplanes
    • 19" Metal Mounting Rack for Backpanels
    • Non-multiplexed backpanels
    • Input via Screw clamps
    • Output via Screw clamps or cable
    • Power supply 5 V / 24 V / 7 … 34 V
    • Operating Temperature Range -40°C … +85°C