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isoLynx SLX930 ReDAQ Shape Software

SLX930 ReDAQ® Shape Software for 8B isoLynx SLX300

ReDAQ® Shape, Dataforth's out-of-the-box DAQ software for the SLX300, provides the easiest and most efficient development tool to create, save, and open graphical user interface projects for test, process, data collection and data analysis applications. Built-in functions in the Acquire and Analyze panels are pre-configured and can be used without setup. Just three easy steps are required to create data acquisition and control projects using 18 high quality tools and powerful isoLynx® SLX300 functions. These projects are developed and executed in the software's Presentation panel.

The ReDAQ Shape tools include:

- Button - Slide
- Picture Box - Tank
- Text Box - Gage
- Group Box - Meter
- Label - Knob
- LED - Chart Recorder
- Switch - Oscilloscope
- Numeric Edit - XY Plot
- Thermometer - Discrete Waveform Graph

ReDAQ Shape also provides the most effective way to configure and customize SLX300 functions for specific application requirements. The toolbox tools are easily moved, re-sized, cut, copied, pasted, and deleted. They also support any graphical file format so presentations made with other software can be loaded into ReDAQ Shape.

In contrast to other graphical software environments, ReDAQ Shape software for SLX300 has a very short user-learning curve. It is based on programming tools incorporated from Microsoft Visual Studio® and National Instruments Measurement StudioTM, ensuring its ease of use and integrated, across-the-board applicability for data acquisition and control applications.

isoLynx SLX930 ReDAQ Shape Software image
ReDAQ Shape for SLX300 Sreen Shots

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  • 3 Easy Steps to Create Customized Presentation Panels
  • No Setup or Configuration Required in Acquire and Analyze Panels
  • 18 High Quality Toolbox Tools
  • Supports Any Graphical File Format
  • Integrated, Across-the-Board Applicability
  • Most Effective Way to Set Up & Configure 8B isoLynx SLX300 Functions:
    • Continuous and burst scan modes for 12 analog input and 4 analog output channels
    • Automatically scales data from counts to engineering units
    • 8 discrete I/O with 7 special functions: pulse / frequency counter, pulse / frequency counter with de-bounce, waveform measurement, time between events, frequency generator, PWM generator, one-shot pulse generator
    • Customer user tag name for any input and output
    • Cold Junction Compensation and linearization for thermocouple input modules
    • Control loop and alarm output
    • Three function timer (count-down, 24hr/day, day/time) with 10 programmable events