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Software MAQ20 IPEmotion

PIEmotion Software for MAQ®20

Representing the next step in test and measurement, IPEmotion is a very advanced, intuitive, versatile, and high performance data acquisition / test and measurement software designed specifically for industrial and R&D applications. Now available for the MAQ20, this powerful new generation software provides synchronized data acquisition and is easily adaptable to all customer specific requirements.

These requirements can include device configuration, data acquisition measurement, visualization, and analysis; to meet them, IPEmotion provides automatic recognition of connected devices, automatic configuration of all channels, automatic start of measuring, and instant visualization of all measurement values.

MAQ20 / IPEmotion measurements include temperature, current and voltage, strain, pressure, frequencies and rotational speeds, and logging and diagnostic data.

To enhance ease of use and increase productivity, the versatile IPEmotion is available in seven languages: English, German, French, Italian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, and Japanese. Russian and other languages will be available in the near future.

PID loop control is an integral part of IPEmotion. It runs in Windows and an unlimited number of loops are possible; the only limiting factor is the processing power of the PC.

IPEmotion communicates with the MAQ20 via a Plug-In driver. The software also enables many functions to be integrated by linking external .dll and Visual Basic Script (.VBS) files to the application. This is a powerful tool, as Script enables users to automate the measurement process and to change menus, settings, analyzing procedures, and other aspects of the software.

Well designed for long-term measurements, IPEmotion allows measurement analysis and verification during data acquisition. Storage can be on a local hard drive or a remote drive, including a mapped Internet or network drive.

Software MAQ20 IPEmotion image
IPEmotion Software Screen Shots

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  • Live Data Display, Recording, Online and Offline Math and Logic Functions
  • One-Click Acquisition:
    • Direct hardware detection, data display and recording
  • Live Adjustment
    • Analyze and verify measurements during active data acquisition
    • GUI adaptation during active measurement and storage
  • Data Analysis
  • PID Loop Control
  • Post Processing and Report Generation
  • Easy Drag and Drop
  • High Speed Recording
  • Plug-In Synchronization
  • Import and Export Recorded Data to Standard File Formats
  • Scripting Option
  • Configurable Gauges for Wide Ranging Applications
  • Multilingual